Do you know which is one of the renown search engine in the world ? The best and verified answer is Google. Google is the brand name of popular search engine. Similarly, the domain name of search engine is www.google.com. Most of the people have already experienced using google search engine. The search engine is claimed to be accomplish with 200 (two hundred) algorithm. The history of Google is not so far it was founded 1998, since then the regular update of the search engine has brought radical change in all over the world. It seems miracle to know any of the answers instantly as soon as we supply the keyword or keyword phrases in the search box of google search engine.

The official home page of Google Search Engine:
If you want to access in official Google homepage, you can type the following URL on the address bar of your computer browser.
- https://www.google.com
- http://www.google.com
- google.com
As soon as you typed the official Google domain, you can land on the Google Homepage.



Type anything of your interest on the search box of Google search engine. Google will show the search results. This is how you can search in Google.

Now if you want more services and information of www.google.com you can click Sign in button on the top left corner of Google home page. However, if you don’t have google account start your job by clicking on Sign up button. For Sign up process of Google or Gmail click here.

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