Google Apps Dashboard

Google Apps official page is actually consist of Google Apps Dashboard. In fact, most of the cases you need to login to user account to use online portals, control panel or dashboards in internet horizon. In the context of Google, you do not need to login google account to access in Google Apps Dashboard. Visit official Google Applications Dashboard to know more about Google applications, products and services.

The apps are free to use in Google. If you have any interest and want to be more familiar with Google services, you can get experiences with free Google applications. Google apps are categories into two different entities listed below:

What can I do in Google Apps Status Dashboard ? 
Normally, apps status dashboard provides you the information on the performance or effectiveness of Google application. So users can notice the performance of various kinds of Google applications.

How can I check the service details of Google apps ? 
Applications service details is signified with three major color signal listed below:

  • Green (No issues and problems)
  • Orange (Disturbance in services)
  • Pink (Service failure)

You can click on any of the color signals to know the details information, health and condition of designated applications. If you want to get regular update on the performance of applications, click on Rss Feed.

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