Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is working at Google

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the cloud computing employee has left the Amazon company behind and began his career in Google for the same position but with extra income. Amazon is going to file against its former CEO Bezos, acusing him working in competitor’s company. Business insider published the article that according to the view of Amazon, any employee leaving the company should have prevented from working in other company for 18 months.

Well, this is not the first time Amazon is facing the problem. The thing happened in 2012 as well. The former Amazon Web Service vice president, Daniel Powers was also filed lawsuit for leaving the company and work in Google. Although Mr. Power was allowed to work in Google on the condition not to contact amazon customers for nine months.

Are You Satisfied With Google Web Search ?

How do you feel if you start with google web search ? You may either satisfy with google search result or not. Most of the users are well identified with the gradual evolution in google search. The history of hitherto existing google search algorithm is still trying to improve with the relevant, best quality and informative search results to users.

However, some people are complaining on the entire search results in Google, Bing, Yahoo. Just because users have not found exactly what they are looking for. This has really made them harass. Recently, A technology reporter, Dave Lee from BBC News has publish a news on Google Ruling Astonishing. Now the question is “will google make a decision on it ?”

Of course and inevitably, Google might have come up with the idea we started thinking on the way google shows search results in google search engine. As it is already mentioned, web search results is to do with google algorithm. The webmaster has already cope with the frequently changing updates in google like penguine and humming bird. However, there still needs to be improve with best search results to meet the desire of users after all.

Are You Familiar with Google Privacy Policy ?

Are you a techno friendly users who cares privacy policy, terms and condition of any website ? Definitely, A numbers of users are unidentified with the prominent legal part of the website. Generally, most of the websites write privacy of users in terms of collecting users personal data like email address for the example and using of users personal information online. Apart from this we can also notice on cookies and other terms and services of the websites.

Recently I came to know about “the complain on Google privacy policy” news published in on march 27, 2004. Not only with Google privacy policy, but also with online social networking sites and The complain on privacy of those webistes is due to obscure and incomprehensip privacy for the average users. A lawsuit was issued by a French consumer group.

Why is it recommended to read privacy of any website ?
It is users right to know on privacy of any website because the gathering and using users personal data is mentioned on privacy section of the website. So it is up to users to make a decesion on whether to give personal data or not. Of course you don’t want to disclose your personal information publicly without your knowledge on it.

So first of all read Google privacy policy and try to make a sense on it. Then, what do you know ? let us know. Is it really hard to read Google privacy section or something else.

Google Plans To Open First Store In New York

Why Google choose New York the first place to start its store ? Is the Google store going to be opened strategically and of course tactically ?

After Apple company, Google is going to open Google store soon. New York, one of the magnificent cities in the United State of America is select as the best to kick off new store for the first time.

If Apple has long been understood that the visibility of its products through a field presence through shops in its likeness, Google intends to do the same. Thus the American giant plans to open its first store in New York.

In order to properly expose its smartphones and its tablets, without forgetting its Google Glass or applications, Google would have found an area of ​​740 m2 in the heart of the American megalopolis is in any case the assertions of the site of Geeko information.

If this initiative is obviously to win new market share, the big question is when this store opens, what will be its impact, especially when and where other stores are planned in the world?

Google Toolbar Experiment

What do you know about Google ? And of course, how are you using Google ? In general, Google is a search engine, and trying to give the best search result since its establishment in internet. Searching in Google is a common pratice with Google. But You may have experienced with Google quite differently such as making Gmail account, using Google’s additional features and services like Google Toolbar for the example.

Why Google Toolbar then ?
The answer is quite simple because to experience with google very well everywhere on the web.

Why Google Toolbar is best on web horizon ?
- It makes users faster than general users.
- Helps to make you sleeker.
- Google Toolbar is personalize and user friendly. .

How do I Get Google Toolbar ?
You can visit, after landing on that page click on Toolbar Help Center which can be found on the bottom of left hand side of the page.The page gives you Toolbar details in advance. Do Google Toolbar Experiment for the better performance in Google.